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Restoration Services

Post Remediation Services

Atlantic Bay Contracting

Greater Boston, MA and surrounding

Located in the Allston, MA, Atlantic Bay Contracting has been serving commercial and residential customers for over 23 years. Locally owned and operated, Atlantic Bay Contracting is a fully licensed and insured asbestos removal company. Seasoned technicians are qualified and experienced with using state-of-the-art mold removal equipment. Call today and take comfort in knowing that Atlantic Bay Contracting will make your surroundings a safer place for all.

Looking for an asbestos removal company in Massachusetts?
Then you’ve come to the right place! Atlantic Bay Contracting may call Allston, MA, home but, we’ve been serving customers throughout the entire state of Massachusetts and parts of Rhode Island for over two decades. As the number one asbestos abatement company in the state, we pride ourselves on the number of miles driven to take care of the customers who trust us to get the job done.

 So, you have a questionable mold patch lurking around?
Our mold remediation experts are here to help! Let us remove the guess work and educate you on the current condition of your environment. During our post-remediation process, we’ll walk you through step by step on warning signs and preventative steps to take moving forward.

Does your asbestos abatement or mold remediation need immediate attention?

Call us day or night! We offer convenient 24-hour service, 7 days a week.

Our Services:

  • Asbestos abatement
  • Asbestos siding (exterior)
  • Mold remediation
  • Light demolition
  • Restoration services
  • Post remediation services


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